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1. Player Information
Name (or internet handle): Hawk
Current characters in Bete Noire: Nicholas Rush, Kailani Konane

2. Character Information
Name: Dr. Nate Silverman (Elemental of Fire)
Livejournal Username: [ profile] dragongotback
Fandom: Original

3. Character Information II
Age/Appearance: His age is unknown, but his human form is around 1500 years old and looks to be in his late thirties/early forties. He's got short light hair, blue eyes (odd for both a vampire and a dragon, as their eyes are brown), retractable serpentine fangs that fold back in his mouth when not in use, and a magical tattoo of a clock face on his chest over his heart. He normally wears suits or jeans and a button up shirt with a lab coat. In dragon form, he's a very large feathery dragon with rust colored feathers and bright blue eyes.
History: (FANDOM CHARACTERS ONLY) Provide a wiki link, or a link to a summary of the character's history. If no such summary exists, please write one at least a few paragraphs long.
Personality: Nate is a rather distant individual, not wanting to get close to people. It's not for any dislike, but instead because he views dealing with people to be a short term investment. Usually, he attempts to get people to leave him alone by being a jackass or just avoiding people. There are times when dealing with friendly people he'll turn downright mean just to get them to leave him alone. He's even become a medical examiner to help keep them away, knowing people don't usually want to deal with somebody who is around dead people all day. This isn't a hate for humanity as a whole, mind you, but a belief that dragons were not meant to act that way. He actually likes humanity despite his need to distance himself from them, mostly due to how Michael and Ben have become better people because of living with humans.

That's not to say he's any better when people actually do become somewhat friends to him. He's still as much of a jackass with a bit of arrogance and a raging god complex thrown in. He tends to be more snarky around them and doesn't try to push them away, instead being more protective of them and trying to keep them close. Nate also has a tendency to keep information from the people he's close to if he doesn't believe it's in their best interests to know about it. He also likes seeing them figure out the answer to things he already knows by themselves, believing that he shouldn't always give them the answer and let them learn from their mistakes.

There's a side Nate doesn't show to normal people and for good reason. When he's a dragon and very much doing his duty as the Creator's second-in-command, Nate seems uncaring. That's not really true, but he tends to put his emotions aside when he has to play the role of leader. Because of this, he tends to see everything in black and white. They're the good guys, anybody who stands against them are the bad guys. People he cared about in human form are nothing more than pawns to the continued survival of the dragons and the world as a whole. He also tends to dislike any signs of humanity in the dragons and will actually cause harm to them to get them to stop and act more like he does. While his dislike of others acting like humans is something shared with his human self, it's not nearly as bad as when he's a dragon. He also tends to think of humans as children compared to him, not surprising considering how old he is.
Sexual Preferences/Orientation: Nate claims to be asexual like the other dragons should be (but they're bisexual) and Nate himself is heterosexual. More specifically, he's more wifesexual than anything else since that's how he was when he arrived in his universe. Since he'll be able to change himself in game, he might eventually start figuring out what exactly he's into, preference-wise.
Powers: As the elemental of fire, he's able to manipulate fire, predictably. He can control it fairly well, creating anything from defensive firewalls to offensive firebolts. There are times though that he is unable to control this fully due to strong emotions, which sometimes manifest as smoke coming out of his nose and mouth or covering his entire body in flames.

Like all dragons, he has an ability called falcon sight, which allows him to see far distances away and track people while doing so, even if behind other objects, although he's unable to see through the objects. Because Nate's the oldest dragon, he's also technically the prototype, meaning that his falcon sight has a major flaw. If he uses it too often or a certain amount of times, he'll become permanently blind. To keep track of this, Nate has a magical tattoo of a clock face on his chest over his heart that tells him how long until he goes blind. Currently, it's at 6:00, the halfway point.

Another ability dragons have is the ability to transform into a human, either a vampire or a therianthrope. Nate's able to transform into a vampire and is able to stay in that form permanently if he wishes. He is also able to use the abilities of a vampire from his world in this form (super strength, able to see in the dark) as well.

He also has the ability to partially shapeshift his human form, changing his arms into his dragon ones, create wings that are five times his current height (thirty feet. He can create wings from his normal size, but since that's 150 feet, it's kinda ridiculous), and turn his skin into scales. When his emotions are too out of control, Nate's hair tends to turn into feathers.

When Nate is killed, he comes back to life as a baby dragon. For a week, he is unable to speak or transform and rapidly ages until he's powerful enough to transform. It takes around a month for Nate to regain his full strength and size after his death.
Reason for playing: Change is a major plot point in his canon. All of the main characters change in very important ways, but Nate doesn't. Even past the point where he's being taken from, Nate's still exactly the same as he was during the chronologically first arc of the series because he can't change in his created universe. I think it'd be interesting to see how he would react to actually being able to change who he is and live a life without the burdens of being a god.

4. Original Character Supplement
World History: His world is much like ours except with a very magical and supernatural slant. A number of dragons, called elementals, are the sources of all magic, along with such supernatural creatures as vampires, therianthropes, and shapeshifters. Two of these elementals were corrupted and destroyed the balance of the world, but were stopped and had their memories erased along with their powers blocked before they were sent to live among humans as a vampire and a werejackal. Two thousand years later, these two elementals now have to save the world from the being that corrupted them and finally fix the balance they so easily destroyed.

Character History: Nate claims he is the oldest of the elementals, born of the Creator to watch over his siblings and keep the balance in the world safe. In fact, he is actually the Creator, originally a scientist from a world much like our own until he and his wife Alice would end up creating a brand new universe. Finding themselves trapped in this new universe and physically tied to it, Nate and Alice decided to attempt to make their homeworld a better place than it was in their original universe, their homeworld being Earth. Nate would end up creating the dragons to protect the planet while Alice decided that she had to take up the role of the bad guy, the Corruptor to Nate's Creator. At one point, Alice and Nate would end up having two children, the elementals of darkness and light. Alice would take these twin children of hers and send them out to destroy the other dragons, making them cannibalistic in their murdering.

It would be Nate who finally stopped the two corrupted elementals and passed down their fate to become human without any memories of their past. Putting the elemental of poison on the duty to watch them, he let them be for five hundred years.

Then he found out the elemental of poison (who would later be known as Jack) would lose the elemental of light after he traveled east to Asia and basically ignored the elemental of darkness. Finding this to be unacceptable, he ordered the others to search for missing elemental while he would watch the elemental of darkness under the guise of a doctor that could help the elemental of darkness, who named himself Michael, fix the mind of his adopted son Nadya as he was losing his memories every 150 years. While Nate knew the cause and cure of this strange reset, he wouldn't say a thing, instead slowly having Michael figure out the cure for himself.

Fifteen hundred years would pass before anything of importance would happen. Michael and Nadya, now living in the United States, started their own organization to watch and control the supernatural creatures on the continent, adding to the government's Last Line of Defense, who was currently run by Benjamin Chamberlain, the elemental of light, with Jack as his second in command. Seeing Jack corrupted by humanity made Nate go after and attack him, trying to get him to act like an elemental and not a human, but it was unsuccessful and left Nate to stay in the shadows and keep an eye on Michael.

Things would change in 2010 when the balance the elementals tried to keep stable went sideways, breaking Nate's magic on Michael and Benjamin, allowing them access to their memories and elemental abilities. Luckily for everyone, they stayed in control of themselves and sided with the elementals. Nate, glad to no longer hide himself, was about to lead the group of supernaturals and elementals to fight the Corrupter when things shifted and they found themselves in an alternate universe that didn't have magic. The supernaturals had been turned human while the elementals turned into supernaturals, unable to access their full powers.

5. Samples
First-Person: (5-10 sentences) Gabriel, you stupid mutt, where the hell are you?! We need to find the others and tell them what we found. Gabriel!

...This isn't the same place. I can feel it again. Damn it, did I get shifted to another universe? If I get shifted to another one, I'm not sure I'll be able to find a way back. No, I'll find a way back and make sure my brothers are safe, even that idiot.
Third-Person: (200 words minimum)
Just his luck. They got split up and Nate was stuck with Gabriel, somebody that Nate wasn't too fond of and the dragon could tell that the feeling was mutual. Right now though, the two of them were hiding out in an alley while Nate's undead niece was looking for them so she could kill them with fire.

"You know this was not what I was expecting would happen when I woke up this morning," Gabriel muttered as he heard Sasha's voice singing creepily as she wandered down the street.

"I didn't know either," Nate growled as he peered out to look at where Sasha was and couldn't see her. As a matter of fact, he didn't hear her singing either. Even Gabriel was unnaturally silent, which made Nate freeze and not even attempt to turn around. "Hello Sasha."

The only response he got was Sasha grabbing him and throwing him into a nearby building, the force of the throw making a hole in the wall. Dragon physiology, even while hiding in a humanoid form, was tough and if he was able to access his dragon self, he'd probably have a few bruises. Vampire physiology, on the other hand, was much weaker and he could feel that the throw had broken a few of his ribs. He tried pulling himself up and hissed in pain as he noticed that one of his arms was broken. His legs were fine though, he noted as he stood up finally. He wouldn't die from this, but he knew he was in no condition to fight. That wouldn't stop him though.

Sasha seemed to be waiting for him to stand because she was waiting outside of the building for him, hands covered in orange flames. She has his powers. Ignoring his injuries, he rushed at her, but she was faster, grabbing his face with one hand and stopping him from moving forward. The flames weren't burning him and Nate thanked whoever was watching over him at that point.

"You shouldn't exist anymore, Uncle Nate. Ordering everybody around, playing with our lives!"

That made Nate laugh. How little Sasha and her puppeteer knew about who he was exactly. It was amusing, in a way, how nobody figured it out.

"If it was for me," Nate said, wincing in pain, "you wouldn't exist, granddaughter."

She screeched, making an inhuman sound as she grabbed his unbroken right arm and tore it off, making Nate yowl in pain as she tossed it away and slammed him into a wall. He heard a loud crack from his body and he wasn't exactly sure what she broke this time, except that he could still feel everything. Well, except for his missing arm, but that was to be expected.

"You're lying," she shrieked, the flames on her hands turning hotter and blue. "There's no way you could be the Creator!"

"If I wasn't, those flames would have consumed you by now." He wasn't able to continue speaking as she screamed and threw him away from her. Nate crumpled up against something and closed his eyes, knowing she was going to kill him in her childish rage, but after a minute of not feeling additional pain, he opened his eyes. He was in a graveyard and there was no Sasha in sight. He could feel his powers returning and he looked at his left hand. Two of his fingers were turning black, disintegrating into ash before his eyes. He was dying in some place that wasn't home and all he could do was laugh.
Third-Person #2: (200 words minimum)
"I think Lady Faolan would be unamused that you've taken over her body, Alice."

Nate was pinned to his bed by what looked like Tala Faolan, but he knew better. This wasn't the young therian that was Benjamin's lover, but instead a piece of the soul of the Elemental of Ice, Alice Silverman. She didn't look too happy at Nate, although that was to be expected since he destroyed her body and locked up pieces of her soul in multiple bodies over the years.

"I think she'd try to kill you if she found out I was in here, Nathan," Alice snarled at him.

"Well, that's a name I haven't been called in a while," he said far too calmly, knowing that would make her angrier. He's always had a knack for pissing her off. Came with the territory of being her husband. It wasn't a surprise when he felt the cold pain of what looked like an icicle sticking out of his upper right leg. Grunting in pain for a moment before he laughed, Nate looked at Alice. "You were never one for foreplay, were you?"

Another icicle shot through him, this time through his left shoulder, and Nate hissed in pain. That made Alice smirk as she leaned close to him, Nate feeling the cold of her body through their clothes. "This is foreplay for me, remember? It hasn't been that long since we were last together like this, Nathan," Alice said softly as Nate's body was melting the icicles stabbing him. One of the perks of being the fire elemental.

"I thought you were just angry that I haven't told Benjamin you're possessing his girlfriend," Nate responded with a smirk. It didn't last last long as more icicles sliced through his body, forcing him to yell out in pain. "Two hundred and fifty three years, eight months, and twenty-two days since last time, if you really care," he comments, coughing up some blood. Damn, she got a lung. This time, she might actually kill him.

"Didn't think you kept count." Alice looked genuinely surprised by that, leaning down once again and kissing him. Nate reciprocated, missing being with her. Even though here, in this universe, it meant them fighting each other and not being able to stay together. Alice frowned when she pulled away and Nate sighed.

"It's time for you to kill me and get locked away again." Time to give Tala her life back, he thought sadly.

"I know, Nathan. I really do love you, despite everything."

"I love you too, Alice."

There was a sharp pain in his chest and then everything went black.


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